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Saving With Penelope the Pig

Save With Penelope the Pig

I’m Penelope the pig and I didn’t realize how important saving was until I needed to save for the most amazing new mudslide ever! When I laid eyes on the Deluxe Mud Slide, I knew it was perfect for me. But horror struck when my mom told me that I would have to buy it myself if I wanted it. My awesome Deluxe Mudslide cost $50.00. How was I supposed to have that kind of money? I was just a piglet. It was time for me to start saving.


Set a Goal

Right when I got home, I put a picture of the mudslide with the $50.00 price up on my wall. I wanted to make sure that I set my goal and was reminded of it every day. Setting a specific goal, made sure that I stayed motivated to save when I could have spent my money on other fun things. Now that I set my goal, I was ready to start my saving journey!


Get Support

As I was saving, it started to get hard not to spend the money I had tucked away. Especially when my friends continued to go out to the ice cream shop, movies, and different pricey outings. To stick to my savings goal, I had to tell my friends I couldn’t go out because I was saving my money. My friends decided not to go out to the movies but set up a home movie time with me where we didn’t have to spend money. That is when I realized I should have told them my financial goal from the beginning so they could support me. Having a support system made saving so much easier.     


Secure Your Money

I started to collect all the loose coins from between the couch cushions, as well as my monthly allowance for chores and gift money I received for different holidays, tucking it all away in the piggy bank. As I got closer to reaching my goal, my piggy bank started to get super full. I needed more space to keep saving my money. That is when my mom took me to Velocity Community Credit Union. I was able to open my Youth Saving Account and put all my savings in right away. As a member of the credit union, I became an owner of the credit union. The money I put into my savings was my stake in the organization. Since I have a stake in the credit union, I get benefits. The money in my account is earning dividends. Dividends are a portion of the company’s earning that is shared with the owners, which is me! I was getting money just for having my money secure in the credit union.


With all my planning, support from my friends, and securing my money at the credit union, I reached my goal in no time. I walked right into the store with my $50.00 to purchase the Deluxe Mudslide. Then, I brought all my friends over that supported me and we played all day. I was able to get what I wanted because I had the patience to save and you can too!      


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